The Fix Now And Pay Later home loan is designed to provide homeowners with financial flexibility when unexpected home repair, renovation, or emergency costs arise. Whether it’s a leaky roof, a broken HVAC system, or urgent plumbing repairs, this loan ensures that homeowners can address these issues promptly without straining their budget.

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Key Features

Immediate Assistance:

  • When faced with home service emergencies, homeowners can rely on the Fix Now And Pay Later loan to cover the costs upfront.
  • Builders24 pays the value of the invoice directly to the service provider, allowing homeowners to address urgent needs promptly.

Monthly Instalments:

Instead of paying the entire amount upfront, homeowners have the convenience of repaying Builders24 in manageable monthly instalments.

  • This ensures that the financial burden is spread out over time, making it easier to manage household expenses.

Exclusive Contractor Network:

  • The Fix Now And Pay Later loan is exclusively available to homeowners who use Builders24 contractors.
  • By partnering with trusted professionals, we ensure quality workmanship and reliable service for all home repairs and renovations.
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Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Fix Now And Pay Later home loan, homeowners must meet the following criteria:

  1. EMPLOYED: Applicants must be employed and receiving their salary in a South African bank account.

  2. Builders24 Contractor: The loan is available only to homeowners who engage Builders24 contractors for their repair or renovation services.

  3. Emergency Situations: The loan is specifically designed for emergency situations related to home services. Whether it’s a burst pipe, electrical issues, or structural damage, homeowners can rely on this loan to address urgent needs.

  4. Builders24’s fix now and pay later loan can be used for emergency  home repairs, home or building renovations, office or retail store fit outs or any construction related work of up to R250 000.
Builders24 Rapid Response Services

Service Request:

Homeowners contact a Builders24 contractor when they need repairs or renovations. The contractor assesses the situation and provides an estimate.

Builders24 Rapid Response Services

Loan Approval

Builders24’s Fix Now And Pay Later loans are processed and approved within hours and it takes just a few easy steps to go from needing cash to costs covered.

1 All you need to do is get a quote or estimate from an approved Builders24 Contractor, negotiate the rates and reach a final amount.

2. Approve the quote and turn it into an invoice.

3. Submit your loan application directly to us or ask your contractor to do it on your behalf

4. Will assess your application and verified the invoice amount with you and agreed work, once that’s out of the way, we will send you a loan offer, select your repayment term and sign  the agreement.

5. Loan amount gets paid to the contractor to cover the invoice and you receive the necessary services promptly without worrying about any upfront costs or fees.

Fix Now And Pay Later With Builders24

Monthly Repayments

Get a Fix Now And Pay Later Loan From Builders24 and pay it back in affordable monthly installments of upto 12 Monthly, spreading the cost over time.


The Fix Now And Pay Later home loan offers peace of mind to homeowners, ensuring that unexpected home service emergencies don’t disrupt their lives. With our exclusive contractor network and flexible repayment options, homeowners can maintain their homes without financial stress.

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