Wheather you are buying or selling a vehicle, Tender It First can help you get the deal.

About Us

At Tender It First, we believe that every purchasing decision matters. Our mission is to empower consumers by providing a seamless platform for sourcing prices, comparing quotes, and making informed choices.


Here’s why we exist:


Simplifying Price Comparison: We understand that navigating the market can be overwhelming. With Tender It First, you can easily compare prices across various products and services, ensuring you get the best deal.


Empowering Consumers: Whether you’re buying a new gadget, planning a home renovation, or booking a service, Tender It First puts the power in your hands and makes sure you get the best deal and at an even greater price, simply tender it and our network of service providers will send you their offer.

Tender It First is a leading price and quotation sourcing platform that provides an easy way to look for and compare prices for products and 



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